Double Rainbow Dyeing February 4, 2013

It’s rare that I have a chance to just dye some fun yarn for a personal project, or really work on a personal knitting project. But I have a niece or nephew arriving in a few months, so I wanted to kick it off to a good start by dyeing a great bulky superwash wool in bright, fun kiddo colors!

I took out all of the dye I had ready to go and started coming up with a plan. After taking inventory of my colors, I knew I wanted a rainbow!



I didn’t want pastel baby colors, I wanted a rich, saturated, true visible spectrum rainbow. Something that would capture any child’s imagination.

I started off by dyeing the three primary colors on 1/6 of the skein each, with some undyed space between.


Then I started filling in the secondaries of green and orange. My purple was not purple. It was navy. And I realized this about 2 seconds before I was bout to put the yarn in the dye bath. Since I hate wasting dye, I threw in a spare skein of BeerSox yarn to soak up the mistaken navy and it made a great denim-y skein. I mixed up a fresh batch of purple by mixing the iris with magenta to get a great warm yet vibrant purple for the last secondary color. The small overlaps in color allowed for some tertiary color sections.

I loved that I could dye all 5 skeins at once with my little kettle dyeing method. They’re not exactly alike, but they’ll all work great as a whole!

Dripping and then drying them is necessary in Houston!

dripping_double_rainbow  drying_double_rainbow

To get wonderfully fun yarn that makes me smile every time!




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Peruvian Adventure! Dos October 25, 2011

I had the opportunity to meet with a representative from Michell while in Peru. I walked in to the shop and was immediately in a land of a knitter’s dream.

Walls of cones of Alpaca!





Some of which I had to have because Alpaca in the states doesn’t come cheap. And when you’re in the Alpaca nation, you stock up.



I ended up ordering and getting delivered almost 8 kg of alpaca and baby alpaca and baby alpaca/silk yarn in lace, fingering, and DK weights.

I’m already planning a shawl for my aunts which they ordered at my brothers wedding.



I’ve been looking for ways to expand my BeerSox production because I am limited in my capacity for large orders. So I also met with a couple reps from handknitting companies, but I’m still gathering information, so I won’t tell you too much about it except that it’s promising and exciting!

I’ll leave you with the newest shifting stripes shawl in a rather fun and bold colorway. Still a work in progress with a goal! I’ll have a booth at the AIGA Ctrl + Art + Create event on Saturday, November 5, 10am-2pm. Come by the Heights Theater on 19th street and support your local arts!


PS registration for my November-December knitting course is open! Register Here

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Peruvian Adventure! Uno October 24, 2011

Did you miss me?

I totally missed writing posts. But I had zero free time while on my trip, and multi tasking time was low.


From 6 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, I was in a project management course for my work. Yarn stores in Lima are few, you can find mostly knitted, crochet, and woven accessories rather than yarn. But I was undaunted and I had done my research.

So let’s start at the very beginning. I packed and brought samples and projects enough for the week.

On the plane, I finished a seed stitch shawl. However, I made the mistake of starting the shawl with the color that had less yarn. This means that I ran out of yarn halfway through the bind off.


But it’s okay, I had the second color to bind off with to meet in the center.


And I had this tiny amount left of Socks that Rock lightweight yarn. I completed two seed stitch shawls with two skeins of yarn. Talk about waste not want not!


I also finished the LSU BeerSox


On Sunday, I went tooting around town with the brother of one of my dad’s friends. We had amazing ceviche at a restaurant right at the beach!




We also went searching for yarn, but, alas came back empty handed.

Later that night, I went to dinner with a woman who designs carpets and rugs. The restaurant was right up onthe edge of the cliffs at the oceanfront.


I’ll continue the adventure soon!

Don’t forget, registration for my knitting course is still open! register here

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A Seed Rockin’ Shawl was born May 27, 2011

So a couple years ago, one of my friends, Christine, also a knitter, was destashing some of her yarn. I jumped on that opportunity. She had two hanks of Socks That Rock in Monsoon and Firebird.

These two very different colorways combined perfectly in my mind and I started knitting up the Seed Stitch Shawlette. A favorite was born. It was also the first item that presold at The FIND fashion market. And the yarn, which I’d ordered before the event, just in case, came in yesterday. Just in time for my trip to Cancun with my little sister!

So imagine this:


Becoming this:


While I wile away the time on a tropical beach!

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