Wedding sweater update! September 23, 2011

Just thought I’d post an update on the wedding sweater. I hated how the as written border was turning out on the sweater. I tested a number of borders and decided on this simple leaf border. It undulates, it’s organic, and it’s the right thickness.

I have to finish the border and the sleeves this weekend so I can have it nice and blocked by the time I leave for the wedding!


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Wedding Knitting September 9, 2011

My brother is getting married to his wonderful fiancĂ©e in a scant few weeks. The wedding dress has arroved and I’ve started on a shrug for her to wear if there’s a nip in the air in Boulder at the beginning of October.

Most people don’t have the opportunity to get to know a future sibling-in-law quite as well as I have gotten to know Jehnna in the past four months. We all live together in my little home. She works at a salon in the neighborhood and I get my hair done by her. She does an excellent job of bringing the blonde out in me without the big brass band! If you’re in Houston, you should really check her out, she’s at David, Etc. in the Heights.

Anyways, back to the jacket! I had acquired some gorgeous natural alpaca off of Destash for Cash and hadn’t used it. It’s the perfect creamy color for the wedding while still being chunky enough to be a bit unrefined. The wedding is simple, natural, and has a lot of slightly rustic, slightly vintage charm to it. Old windows and frames, empty bottles, and natural flora.

I ran through a few ideas with her as to the shape she’d like and then I perused the knitting mags I had lying around. I wanted a pattern that had lace in it, but could be upscaled for the yarn. It’s about a DK weight.

I found a pattern for a lace jacket in Vogue Knitting Fall 2010. It’s got a great motif and I’m looking forward to adapting it further. My only concern is if I’ve made the armholes too small.

Anywho. This is where it stands now.


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