January Events & Brewery Incubator January 9, 2013


Where in the World will Katie be with BeerSox in January?

Following is the current plans, which will fill out as the month continues!

Wednesday, January 9, 5:30-7:30 pm at Brewery Incubator Bottle Share

Friday, January 11, 5-7 pm at Karbach Brewing Company Tour

Saturday, January 12, noon – 3 pm at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company Tour

Saturday, January 12, 4-8 pm I’ll be present (maybe won’t have a table set up) at Brewery Incubator for the Warlocks: Games & Beer Event Tickets Here

I may add more, so check the Events calendar for events that say “BeerSox at”

Speaking of Brewery Incubator

They are running a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for their project.

Here’s a bit more about them!

Mission: We are creating the world’s first brewery incubator to foster the development of craft breweries and industry innovation by providing a pilot facility, support network and audience accessible to all aspiring brewers.

Vision: We seek to extend the success of the Kitchen Incubator model, directly involved in the successful full launch of nearly a dozen companies in just under two years, to the brewers.

When brewers graduate to their own brewery, they will have all of the tools necessary to succeed – a built in customer base, established brand and industry connections, all the while having a great time and drinking some amazing beer.

We plan to host brewing classes, community brew days, homebrew competitions and general craft beer education outreach to the broader community.

Program Goals:

  • Create a permitted professional brewery and brewpub sales outlet for aspiring brewers
  • Provide a world class destination brewpub to the Houston, TX area (this is truly world class, as there is nothing like this concept in existence)
  • Foster innovation and creativity in the craft brewing industry by providing a low risk environment for adventurous brewing and collaboration
  • Implement entrepreneurial development programming for the craft brewing industry
  • Organize and host events to support member brewers and the local brewing community, helping to educate on craft beer and the importance of supporting local small businesses

Where we are right now:

Our brewery is located inside Kitchen Incubator at 907 Franklin St. in historic downtown. We have a brewery with a 1/2 bbl SABCO, temperature controlled fermentation room, walk-in beer cooler, and a beautiful storefront tap room with views of the downtown skyline (see Cafe Luz).

What we need to open:

A Kickstarter Campaign to help with licensing costs, tap system and additional equipment, build-out of our taps and finalize equipment set-up and licensing. Our goal is to raise at least $25k by January 25, 2013 for opening shortly after.

Community Memberships will be available through our Kickstarter. Brewers of any experience level may apply for an Aspiring Brewer Membership and experienced brewers seeking to launch a brewery or brewpub start-up may apply for a full Brewer Membership to start licensed production and selling their beer.



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BeerSox Beer of the Week 11 November 17, 2011

It happens to be Houston Beer Week.

This is momentous in various categories:
A) I got to have a booth at Monsters of Beer. A great beer fest that donates all procedes to Live It Big. Great beer+great charity+opportunity for sales=happy Katie
B) I sold a good amount of preorders for BeerSox! (I love my beersox fans!)
C) I misjudged a couple who ‘helped’ me pack up my unsold shawls after the event. And then didn’t come to dinner with me and my companion nor get in touch with me in the past few days. Let’s just say that I’m disappointed I trusted them and more disappointed that they have betrayed my trust. UPDATE: All is well in the saga of the missing shawls. I was able to find the couple and they are sending the shawls to me. It was a matter of miscommunication and my own scatterbrainedness.

But, the real reason for this post is to give you the BeerSox Beer of the Week. Which has to be the growler of Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Wild. Which I’m enjoying this evening.


It’s warm and inviting. Fresh and not too heavy. Spiced, but not overly. A tish of citrus. Caramel in color with a touch in the taste (I know, not what I’m liking recently). But it all tastes balanced enough to be good for both the heat of a Texas Autumn and for those in colder climates wanting to curl up to comfort.


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Texas Heat September 6, 2011

August was a record breaking sweltering month here in Texas. Every single day had a high in the 100’s. It stayed in the mid to upper 90’s overnight every night.

Texas is in a severe drought and just as we’ve gotten to enjoy some cooler weather (in the 90’s!) there has been an outbreak of wildfires to the north and west of us. Thousands of homes have been lost to the blazes, tens of thousands of acres of forest have burned, and countless people, livestock, and pets have been displaced as the state burns.
Here’s a map of the fires and smoke plumes in case you want to track it.

Houston has a light haze of smoke, and you can smell it in the air.

If you want to donate to the Central Texas Fire Relief Emergency Fund,you can do so at This is only one of many ways to help. A quick google search will give you a plethora of information on what is needed and where to help or donate.

With that said, before the fires broke out, I knew I wanted to make a new color yarn for my BeerSox to go along with and contrast to Irish Spring.

It needed to be oranges, reds, corals, pinks, mauves. It needed to be my favorite colors on the warm side of the spectrum. So I mixed up a few colors of dye, and let the yarn have it.

Dyeing yarn is a rather new experiment of mine. I’m still trying to figure out how to dye in such a way that the end result is more what I expect and less a happy accident with the intended colors. It has always intrigued me to go through the adventure of receiving a skein of yarn and appreciating the colors in the hank, then seeing them lay out differently in a wound cake, and lastly seeing how knitting morphs it into a whole new colorplay!


I decided that this colorway would be called Texas Heat and incidentally goes quite well with a heat of a different kind!

Yesterday, I got to wish a hoppy birthday to my friend Cathy who runs the Beer Camps, Cocktail Camps, and Monsters of Beer for Live It Big. It was a beer-loving crowd of friends and cohorts and it was awesome to see so many if them busting out their BeerSox!



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