Finished object: Shifting Stripes Shawl February 2, 2012

It has been a while since I had a good finished object post. After the ramp up to the holidays and lots of deadline client knitting, I decided to take a break and knit some things that were not BeerSox.

I love knitting them and seeing them find their places in the world, but I do love knitting other things like shawls and baby blankets.

So Christmas week, I took on two such projects. The first is a Shifting Stripes Shawl in the Pegasus & North Woods colorway. I loved it so much when I finished it that I decided to keep it. Plus Pegasus is no longer in production.

Here are a few progress and complete shots of it!





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An Aunts’ Shawl December 1, 2011

So a couple months ago, I received requests from two of my aunts for shawls that were light turquoise/green. I told them that the shawls would probably end up being backburner projects and they’d take a long time to finish. But I’ve finished the first of two!

I went on my trip to Peru just after the requests and I kept my eye out for appropriately shaded yarn. I picked out these two lovelies. One in and alpaca and silk blend, the other in alpaca and space dyed.



I held them together to give it some variation in shade, while maintaining a constant color as well. I made a couple of swatches.


I decided that a combination of garter stitch and random zig zags would work. I didn’t necessarily want the zig zags to be all exactly the same length, but have the same width.

And so I knit.
And Myks (who is sadly missing) helped.



And I finished just after Thanksgiving weekend which I dedicated to shawl knitting. I blocked! Don’t you love the transformation that blocking performs on a rumply just-knit lacework piece?





The second will be similar, but not exact.

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Shawls May 24, 2011

So I thought you might like to see some of my knitting. These three shawls are my designs. I made the red yellow and white one for my mom for christmas this past year. The brown and periwinkle was for my brother’s fiancee. And the red pink green grey orange multicolored shawl is my own. I love that it goes with everything!

I have yet to really write up all of the patterns, but it’s a project I’m undertaking.

I apologize for the iphone photos. It’s just so darn handy!








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