BeerSox Beer of the Week 8 October 10, 2011


Back in Houston for a bit before some exciting globetrotting next week in Lima, Peru! The bro and sis in law are staying and taking care of my kitties!

And since it feels like Friday after pulling 4 late nights at my job in a row ( on the weekend, no less), it’s BeerSox Beer of the Week day!

Today’s beer is Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse!


Quite nice and I have an affinity for saisons, so it’s no surprise that I’m in love. You can smell the banana in the nose. A bit of hops in the back of the mouth. Nice spices and florals when you taste it. Yum!


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BeerSox Beer of the Week: Denver Edition 1 September 13, 2011

Work brings me to Denver this week. Such a bastion of craft beer can be honored in one way only: a daily beer

Arriving at my hotel, I charged my phone and charged out to find a brewpub. This is my first time in Denver even though I’ve been to the airport before.

Lo and behold: Rock Bottom Brewery.

So I chose their Saison. It’s a slightly hazy amber colir with a scent that brings Christmas to mind. It might be coriander and citrus. The taste has just a slight hint of banana but has some spice to it and it finishes quite fresh and clean.


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