Production is Up & Running!!!! August 1, 2012


I have great great news!

Production of BeerSox in Peru is up and running!

I traveled down to Lima, Peru this past weekend to bring down 180 skeins of yarn to my production company, Kero-Design, for a large run of BeerSox for the Great American Beer Festival in Denver in October.  I also picked up the 504 BeerSox from the first run of production!  Let me tell you, they’re awesome!


This journey has been an incredible one and I have faith that it will continue to grow and develop in ways that astound me.  This started as a pet project because I don’t like holding cold or hot glasses and has developed into this amazing business that I’m actually needing to have products made en masse!  It blows my mind!

I owe this milestone to so many people who have rallied around my products and my business helping me grow in little and big ways.  First off is the Monsters of Beer (now the Draft) and Live it Big for allowing me the opportunity to have a spot at their merch tent for the past two years.  This has grown my exposure so much and given me the opportunity to grow in my product presentation!  I have to mention the number of craft beer bars and breweries in Houston that have both allowed me to sell products at their bars, made change for me when I needed it and gave me the words of encouragement to grow my business. So here’s to you: Anvil Bar & Refuge, The Petrol Station, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Karbach Brewing Company, and BRC Gastropub!  Last, but not least, is the many people who networked with for me to eventually put me in touch with the amazing knitting company Kero Design without whom this venture would still be in the recesses of my mind and dreams.

Mariella and Eunice at Kero have gone above and beyond to help me make this venture happen.  For my first tiny order of 500, they found the hand-knitters, aided me in label making, are still helping with finding the right hand-dyeing company in Peru, and have invested their time and effort into helping my company grow & my dreams come to fruition.  For a company producing hundreds of thousands of articles each week for export, my 500 is a drop in the bucket, but they have made it happen, even meeting me on a Sunday which was a national holiday to deliver the BeerSox to me.  I am eternally grateful for their effort.

And YOU! You have been instrumental in my journey!  Thank you for your support and interest and keep it coming!  I have great plans for the next years, stick around and see where we go from here!

Head on over to the BeerSox shop to buy your favorite colors or see me at Petrol Station on Thursday, August 2 for IPA Day.  I’ll have a mini-display set up with me.



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New Colorway Experiments! May 15, 2012

I have been diligently working on the yarn front since receiving my order of raw sock yarn. Many of the colorways were predetermined, but a few have been allowed to develop organically as I dye. Since I’m dyeing the yarn myself, and this is the first run, I’ve given myself the leeway to make one skein of each colorway, which means I’ll have 50 different colorways in the first run.


Some will be limited edition, others may be duds, some might take off like wildfire, and others will serve as samples for brewery options.


I can’t wait to finish so I can package it all up and send it to be knit!


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BeerSox Production News! April 17, 2012

For those of you who have seen me anytime in the last 6 months, you have probably heard me talk about expanding production of BeerSox to Peru. It took a fair amount of networking and a fair amount of cold calling/emailing people who I have never met and have some amount of language barrier.

You see, mass production of hand-dyed and hand-knit BeerSox in the US was just plain cost prohibitive. I believe in paying craftsmen fairly and fully. American labor is expensive, and the expertise of hand-knitting is not necessarily culturally pervasive here (though I’m doing my part to spread the love of the craft).

I have always loved knitting my BeerSox and loved moving it to a new level by devising my own hand-dyed colorways. I needed to find a location where hand knitting was a cultural craft and that I felt I could make a difference by commissioning production. Peru came up when I was brainstorming with my father. I mentioned it as a joke, and then, after some careful research, I realized it was a feasible plan based on standard of living and prevalence of expertise. The networking began and soon enough, I was working on making a trip down to Lima for work and reserving a couple hours each evening to meet with various materials and knitting manufacturers. The work part of the trip was intense, 12 hours each day fully focused in class then rushing off in taxis to take care of The Caged Yarn work in the evening. It was a whirlwind adventure and left me with a connection to a wonderful knitting company in Lima. For a large manufacturer to take the time to sit down with me, realize that my scope is small (but growing) and be excited about my product and working with me was just incredible. I left feeling very good about the company’s relationship with their employees, and their excitement and willingness to work with my “baby company” to help me grow into an “adult company” eventually.

After 6 months trying to work out the yarn production and dyeing details, I realized that I would not be able to start small there. With minimum single-color lots of 20kg (about 2,000 BeerSox), I would not be able to do the brewery, company, and organization specific custom runs I was focused on. So I cut it out. I found a US wool mill who was able to send me samples and last night chose and ordered the base yarn for BeerSox. I will be dyeing the yarn myself to send down to get knit in Peru. Dyeing the yarn myself opens up so many possibilities. Smaller colorway lot sizes. I can test dye and knit samples of custom colorways before sending the yarn down to be knit, so the development of custom colorways is more transparent.

So we come down to making the first batch.

Do you want to be in the foundation group of companies and organizations with custom BeerSox or VinoSox?
-The minimum lot size will be 100 for a 2-3 color colorway (after the foundation run, min lot size will be 250)
-Labels can be made with your logo on the small tag in place of The Caged Yarn logo, or as a separate label to be applied alongside it. Small, simple logos work best to not overwhelm the BeerSox or interfere with its natural elasticity. Think twitter avatar size.
-Contact me for wholesale/bulk pricing
-Bulk orders will operate on a half down/half at receipt payment plan
-Retail price will be $20/BeerSox or VinoSox

Please note: TAT will be rather elastic in this first run as we work out the kinks in the import/export process, which is why I’ve lowered the minimums to accommodate a smaller risk/investment. I do not anticipate TAT longer than 3 months.

Either email katie (at) or use the Contact Form to get in touch with me!

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Peruvian Adventure! Uno October 24, 2011

Did you miss me?

I totally missed writing posts. But I had zero free time while on my trip, and multi tasking time was low.


From 6 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, I was in a project management course for my work. Yarn stores in Lima are few, you can find mostly knitted, crochet, and woven accessories rather than yarn. But I was undaunted and I had done my research.

So let’s start at the very beginning. I packed and brought samples and projects enough for the week.

On the plane, I finished a seed stitch shawl. However, I made the mistake of starting the shawl with the color that had less yarn. This means that I ran out of yarn halfway through the bind off.


But it’s okay, I had the second color to bind off with to meet in the center.


And I had this tiny amount left of Socks that Rock lightweight yarn. I completed two seed stitch shawls with two skeins of yarn. Talk about waste not want not!


I also finished the LSU BeerSox


On Sunday, I went tooting around town with the brother of one of my dad’s friends. We had amazing ceviche at a restaurant right at the beach!




We also went searching for yarn, but, alas came back empty handed.

Later that night, I went to dinner with a woman who designs carpets and rugs. The restaurant was right up onthe edge of the cliffs at the oceanfront.


I’ll continue the adventure soon!

Don’t forget, registration for my knitting course is still open! register here

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