What to do while I’m in Denver October 4, 2012

I’m in the throes of preparation for my week in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, where I’m going to have a booth!

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept my ear to the ground about all of the amazing events & releases in Houston while I’m gone (my house will be looked after in my absence).

So without further ado:

October 6, 12-4 pm: Karbachtoberfest find tickets on the Karbach Brewing website

October 8, Karbach Krunkin Pumpkin release. First large format bottle run. Limited release. Can’t wait to taste it when I get back!

October 13, 6 pm Craft Beer Quest Houston put on by Brewery Incubator which is a craft beer festival & scavenger hunt. Drink the brews, solve the clues, and discover brews! You may just win an awesome BeerSox prize!

October 15, Saint Arnold Pumpkinator Release


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Recap: GABF and my brother’s wedding October 5, 2011

So last week I headed out to Boulder, Colorado again. This time it was for my brother’s wedding to his now-wife Jehnna!

I arrived on Thursday and my mom, her friend Valerie, and my sister had lunch at Boulder Beer Company. I tasted the three beers that they had 1/4 barrel kegs of and chose Singletrack as the house keg.


After that, there wasn’t much time to head on over to Denver for GABF. I took the bus. Cheap, efficient, and I wasn’t behind a wheel. It also gave me a chance to knit up a taster glass sox. I had no idea what kind of taster glass I’d get, so I just winged it.


I got into Denver at 4 and had an hour and a half before the convention opened. So I checked my schedule of side events and headed over to an Avery and Ska tasting session at Amato’s. Lagunitas was also there and my tastersox fit the taster for this event extremely well. I also had the opportunity to sell the extra ticket I had and make buddies for the evening. No, I’ve never known a stranger.



The lineup to get in to GABF went almost all the way around the convention center!


Inside, it was a madhouse, but so much fun! I needed a goal, because it adds structure to an otherwise structureless event. So I started collecting temporary tatoos on my arm. By the end, I had a full sleeve.





Went to the afterparty at Falling Rock and somehow made it on the 1:08 am bus back to Boulder. It was a morning filled with excited, fully awake, 3 and 1.5 year old nephews.

We had a shower for Jehnna which was lovely and truly foodifull. I was stuffed afterwards so much so that after the rehearsal, I could barely eat at the rehearsal dinner!

There were family aplenty, and the next day gave me some time to take a bike ride out and about Boulder.


The wedding was beautiful! So touching!




So there you have it. Wonderful time, and no yarn buying…but plenty of beer imbibing.

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