Double Rainbow Dyeing February 4, 2013

It’s rare that I have a chance to just dye some fun yarn for a personal project, or really work on a personal knitting project. But I have a niece or nephew arriving in a few months, so I wanted to kick it off to a good start by dyeing a great bulky superwash wool in bright, fun kiddo colors!

I took out all of the dye I had ready to go and started coming up with a plan. After taking inventory of my colors, I knew I wanted a rainbow!



I didn’t want pastel baby colors, I wanted a rich, saturated, true visible spectrum rainbow. Something that would capture any child’s imagination.

I started off by dyeing the three primary colors on 1/6 of the skein each, with some undyed space between.


Then I started filling in the secondaries of green and orange. My purple was not purple. It was navy. And I realized this about 2 seconds before I was bout to put the yarn in the dye bath. Since I hate wasting dye, I threw in a spare skein of BeerSox yarn to soak up the mistaken navy and it made a great denim-y skein. I mixed up a fresh batch of purple by mixing the iris with magenta to get a great warm yet vibrant purple for the last secondary color. The small overlaps in color allowed for some tertiary color sections.

I loved that I could dye all 5 skeins at once with my little kettle dyeing method. They’re not exactly alike, but they’ll all work great as a whole!

Dripping and then drying them is necessary in Houston!

dripping_double_rainbow  drying_double_rainbow

To get wonderfully fun yarn that makes me smile every time!




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New Colorway Experiments! May 15, 2012

I have been diligently working on the yarn front since receiving my order of raw sock yarn. Many of the colorways were predetermined, but a few have been allowed to develop organically as I dye. Since I’m dyeing the yarn myself, and this is the first run, I’ve given myself the leeway to make one skein of each colorway, which means I’ll have 50 different colorways in the first run.


Some will be limited edition, others may be duds, some might take off like wildfire, and others will serve as samples for brewery options.


I can’t wait to finish so I can package it all up and send it to be knit!


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Texas Heat September 6, 2011

August was a record breaking sweltering month here in Texas. Every single day had a high in the 100’s. It stayed in the mid to upper 90’s overnight every night.

Texas is in a severe drought and just as we’ve gotten to enjoy some cooler weather (in the 90’s!) there has been an outbreak of wildfires to the north and west of us. Thousands of homes have been lost to the blazes, tens of thousands of acres of forest have burned, and countless people, livestock, and pets have been displaced as the state burns.
Here’s a map of the fires and smoke plumes in case you want to track it.

Houston has a light haze of smoke, and you can smell it in the air.

If you want to donate to the Central Texas Fire Relief Emergency Fund,you can do so at This is only one of many ways to help. A quick google search will give you a plethora of information on what is needed and where to help or donate.

With that said, before the fires broke out, I knew I wanted to make a new color yarn for my BeerSox to go along with and contrast to Irish Spring.

It needed to be oranges, reds, corals, pinks, mauves. It needed to be my favorite colors on the warm side of the spectrum. So I mixed up a few colors of dye, and let the yarn have it.

Dyeing yarn is a rather new experiment of mine. I’m still trying to figure out how to dye in such a way that the end result is more what I expect and less a happy accident with the intended colors. It has always intrigued me to go through the adventure of receiving a skein of yarn and appreciating the colors in the hank, then seeing them lay out differently in a wound cake, and lastly seeing how knitting morphs it into a whole new colorplay!


I decided that this colorway would be called Texas Heat and incidentally goes quite well with a heat of a different kind!

Yesterday, I got to wish a hoppy birthday to my friend Cathy who runs the Beer Camps, Cocktail Camps, and Monsters of Beer for Live It Big. It was a beer-loving crowd of friends and cohorts and it was awesome to see so many if them busting out their BeerSox!



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