BeerSox Beers of the Week 25 September 24, 2012

Welcome back to BeerSox Beer of the Week!

This time it’s one of my new favorites: Alpine/New Belgium Super IPA
It’s a light amber color with a touch of haze.



Usually I find that high alcohol IPAs tend to be overly sweet & cloying to balance out the hops and alcohol. This New Belgium Super IPA maintains a lightness on the palate of a “non super IPA” while not overwhelming the hops with sweetness. There’s not a very strong alcohol taste. Very floral IPA.

VERY enjoyable.


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BeerSox Beers of the Week 24 June 19, 2012

Waiting for my lady date to show up, and thought I’d update y’all on a new beer for me!

I’m at the adorable Flora & Muse in Houston’s City Center (which is on the west side), and they have a nice little beer selection.

Brewery: Big Sky
Beer: IPA


Great earthy hops flavor with a bit of the floral notes. A hint of caramel in the malt to even it out. Almost reminds me of a rye beer.


Don’t forget, I’m raising funds to aid in expansion & prep for GABF at Indiegogo and all support is greatly welcomed!

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BeerSox Beers of the Weekend: Madison Edition May 28, 2012

So far, my weekend in Madison has been great! I’ve had time to knit, time to enjoy my nephews & time to enjoy the local beers!

Saturday, we took a nice drive down to New Glarus Brewing Company, and I must say that it is beautiful! The brewery, the view, and the beers! I came away with quite a haul to bring home. Loved Moon Man & the story about how it’s named after one of the brewers’ cat.




Later that night, my sister, brother in law, & I had a night out on the town & I decided to sample ALL THE BEERS!
I had:
Ale Asylum Ambergeddon
Pearl Street That’s What I’m Talking’ Bout
Bell’s Oberon & Two Heated Ale



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BeerSox Beer of the Week 23 May 25, 2012

It has been a while since I last posted a BeerSox Beer of the Week, but… Good News! I’m headed to Wisconsin today, so I’ll be posting a special destination edition BeerSox Beer of the Weekend: Wisconsin! Are you as excited as I am?

Without further ado, I give you the pre-trip BeerSox Beer of the Week.

Beer: Walloon
Brewery: Southern Star in Conroe, TX


It’s a great fresh summer seasonal. There are citrus notes and it reminds me of a crisp saison (though the style is rather amorphous) and it really hits the spot after wrestling bottles and cans of Texas beer into my luggage & making sure it stays safe en route & is under the bag weight limit.

I am looking forward to bringing back an equal amount of great Wisconsin beers!


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BeerSox Beer of the Week 22 March 29, 2012

Hi there!

Todays BeerSox Beer of the Week is brought to you by Melissa Wilson of my own little dust-pile.

Saint Arnold Brewery
Spring Bock

You know, I DO drink a wide variety of beers, but for some reason most of my BeerSox photos end up being of Saint Arnold beers. And even though Houston doesn’t usually get what I would call spring temperatures this time of year, Saint Arnold Spring Bock helps me pretend. It’s probably one of the most balanced beers I’ve ever had: not too heavy and not too light; slight fruit flavor up front with a crisp, almost dry finish. For me it’s the beer equivalent of a good dry white wine. Good for crawfish boils, good for sitting down to a roast chicken, or just good to enjoy after so many months of dark, winter ales. And really, isn’t the transition from dark to light what spring is about?

Thanks Melissa!

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BeerSox Beer of the Week 21 February 26, 2012

Brouwerij de Mousketiers Troubadour Magma (I would link them, but the URL seems to be broken, try
Yet hoppy and clean

Needs to have a creme brûlée!

Enjoyed with a friend at Down House.



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BeerSox Beer of the Week 20 February 15, 2012

So tonight is the opening night of a new hoptacular watering hole in Houston. It’s the Hay Merchant which comes to us from the masterminds of Anvil, a pre-prohibition era cocktail bar that I’ve loved for years.

I had the cask conditioned Das WunderkindSour saison from Jester King Brewery and it was very much as delightful as I’d hoped it would be!



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BeerSox Beer of the Week 19 January 23, 2012

When out and about, it’s normally rather difficult to find drinks that are neither alcoholic nor caffeinated. Ginger beer or even ginger ale is usually in short supply unless on an airplane. Most restaurants or bars will say that they “make” ginger ale for you: sprite with a splash of cola. That just plain disgusts me.

Then there are the classic cocktail bars. They are a thing unto themselves. I have found that they often actually make their own ginger brews! These brews are not for the weak of palate and pack a sharp ginger kick in the mouth. A fantastic tonic that heals all the wrongs of the world. Or at least in my opinion, it does.

It gave me respite while meeting up with the Houston Ladies of Craft Beer last Thursday evening. While still pining for a hoppy beer, I found the ginger beer at Downhouse to be quite the thing I needed.



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BeerSox Beer of the Week 18 January 18, 2012

Oh, I’ve been so busy!

But just to get back on track with the January beer alternatives, I tried out this zero cal ginger root beer from Zevia. I was hoping it would be more like ginger beer than root beer, but I was wrong. The flavor is good, sweetened by stevia, and refreshing.




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BeerSox Beer of the Week 17 January 3, 2012

During the month of January, I’m doing a little something different. I’m giving my liver a rest and staying away from alcohol, including my beloved beer.

But that just means I can focus on finding the perfect ginger brew! I have a soft spot for the spiciest of spicy ginger beers.

This week’s BeerSox Ginger Beer of the Week is the Outrageous Ginger Ale from Natural Brew which touts itself on being small batch microbrewed. The spice of the ginger plays off the sweetness and I could see it becoming a favorite even beyond the month of January.


You may notice my Christmas tree is still up. I keep it up until the 12 days of Christmas have finished!


PS I’m hoping to have a couple good finished object posts coming up soon!

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