Well Lookee Here July 6, 2012


It’s the new shop to preorder the BeerSox coming in from Peru at the end of the month!!! Nab up your favorite colors. For the next week, when you buy up to four BeerSox, use the code TEST2012 to get $5 off each. It doesn’t work for orders of more than 4.

Cheers! Let me know of any bugs!

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IndieGoGo Campaign! May 22, 2012

Help make the expansion of BeerSox reality!

Contribute to my Indiegogo campaign and get some pretty neat perks along the way!



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New Colorway Experiments! May 15, 2012

I have been diligently working on the yarn front since receiving my order of raw sock yarn. Many of the colorways were predetermined, but a few have been allowed to develop organically as I dye. Since I’m dyeing the yarn myself, and this is the first run, I’ve given myself the leeway to make one skein of each colorway, which means I’ll have 50 different colorways in the first run.


Some will be limited edition, others may be duds, some might take off like wildfire, and others will serve as samples for brewery options.


I can’t wait to finish so I can package it all up and send it to be knit!


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Jerseys are in! March 16, 2012

Firstly, I haven’t had as much time to devote to editing the code for ecommerce so that it works properly, yet, so please refer to the Shops section for your ordering needs! If you are a WP E-Commerce whiz and don’t mind giving me pointers, check it out and send me a note on what I should be looking for in editing the code.

If you want one of the lovely BeerSox jerseys, which come in both men’s and women’s cuts, please use the contact me form and tell me what size you want and how many BeerSox you have and/or order some at I will email you with how much you owe and send a PayPal invoice.


Aren’t they just awesome?
The front has a 3/4 hidden zipper on both men’s and women’s style, for maximum ventilation.
The makeup is 100% polyester which is woven for wicking. I’ll be wearing mine this weekend at my training ride & the Tour de Houston!

Sizes can be found here Size Charts

Jerseys are $40 (which is at cost)
For each BeerSox you have bought or order at the same time as your jersey, you get $10 off the price of the jersey up to 4 BeerSox.

So say you own two BeerSox & you order two BeerSox & a jersey? You pay only for the BeerSox.
Don’t own any BeerSox, but you order 2? $20 for the jersey and $20 each for the BeerSox.

I currently have:
Men’s: (2) M, (1) L, (1 maybe) XL
Women’s: (1) S, (1) M, (1) L, (1) XL

If there’s high demand, I can order more, just need at least 5 orders.

Cheers! Katie

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Frogging November 1, 2011

While in Peru, I began a new Shifting Stripes Shawl. It’s fairly simple until the border, and then you have to switch things up a bit from churn and burn stockinette.

And when you get to that point after enjoying a couple of pints, there’s a possibility one could make a mistake. And find out a couple rows later.


Much better than a significant number of rows later. So I put it away until lunch the next day. I skipped my noontime walk so I could frog the work back to the most predictable row before I messed up.

Frogging is a whimsical knitting term for when you rip out your work. “rip it, rip it, rip it”

I start by identifying the last correct row that has a predictable pattern to it. Or if I’m doing complicated lacework, the last row that I strung a “lifeline” through.

In this circumstance, it was the last purl row before the flared edging.


Since my yarn grabbs pretty well, I could release some stitches so I could start picking up stitches along the identified row. Make sure to pick up the leading side of the stitch so that the picked up stitches look like this \\\\\\\ rather than this ///////. It will make it easier to restart. Don’t worry if you get a couple wrong. You just have to knit it through the back loop when you start over (alternately, you can slip the stitch to the correct slant before knitting it like normal).


When you finish picking up stitches, you get to rip! I like to wind a centerpull ball as I rip.


But sometimes I leave it loose if there’s not too much to reknit.


Once you’ve ripped it all back to the needles, it’s time to start over. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes from when I started picking up stitches to reknitting to where I’d left off. This time, I didn’t make an error!

Now, it’s complete and ready for the craft fair on Saturday! Hopefully, it finds a home as some lucky someone’s Christmas present!


Okay, not quite ready. It’ll get a good blocking in the morning!

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Peruvian Adventure! Dos October 25, 2011

I had the opportunity to meet with a representative from Michell while in Peru. I walked in to the shop and was immediately in a land of a knitter’s dream.

Walls of cones of Alpaca!





Some of which I had to have because Alpaca in the states doesn’t come cheap. And when you’re in the Alpaca nation, you stock up.



I ended up ordering and getting delivered almost 8 kg of alpaca and baby alpaca and baby alpaca/silk yarn in lace, fingering, and DK weights.

I’m already planning a shawl for my aunts which they ordered at my brothers wedding.



I’ve been looking for ways to expand my BeerSox production because I am limited in my capacity for large orders. So I also met with a couple reps from handknitting companies, but I’m still gathering information, so I won’t tell you too much about it except that it’s promising and exciting!

I’ll leave you with the newest shifting stripes shawl in a rather fun and bold colorway. Still a work in progress with a goal! I’ll have a booth at the AIGA Ctrl + Art + Create event on Saturday, November 5, 10am-2pm. Come by the Heights Theater on 19th street and support your local arts!


PS registration for my November-December knitting course is open! Register Here

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Wedding sweater update! September 23, 2011

Just thought I’d post an update on the wedding sweater. I hated how the as written border was turning out on the sweater. I tested a number of borders and decided on this simple leaf border. It undulates, it’s organic, and it’s the right thickness.

I have to finish the border and the sleeves this weekend so I can have it nice and blocked by the time I leave for the wedding!


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Wedding Knitting September 9, 2011

My brother is getting married to his wonderful fiancĂ©e in a scant few weeks. The wedding dress has arroved and I’ve started on a shrug for her to wear if there’s a nip in the air in Boulder at the beginning of October.

Most people don’t have the opportunity to get to know a future sibling-in-law quite as well as I have gotten to know Jehnna in the past four months. We all live together in my little home. She works at a salon in the neighborhood and I get my hair done by her. She does an excellent job of bringing the blonde out in me without the big brass band! If you’re in Houston, you should really check her out, she’s at David, Etc. in the Heights.

Anyways, back to the jacket! I had acquired some gorgeous natural alpaca off of Destash for Cash and hadn’t used it. It’s the perfect creamy color for the wedding while still being chunky enough to be a bit unrefined. The wedding is simple, natural, and has a lot of slightly rustic, slightly vintage charm to it. Old windows and frames, empty bottles, and natural flora.

I ran through a few ideas with her as to the shape she’d like and then I perused the knitting mags I had lying around. I wanted a pattern that had lace in it, but could be upscaled for the yarn. It’s about a DK weight.

I found a pattern for a lace jacket in Vogue Knitting Fall 2010. It’s got a great motif and I’m looking forward to adapting it further. My only concern is if I’ve made the armholes too small.

Anywho. This is where it stands now.


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