Happy Thanksgiving! November 22, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for this year! For family, friends, the opportunity to grow my business & share the BeerSox love with the world!


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New Shop Page & The Draft Festival November 15, 2012

This week is Houston Beer Week and I’ve added as many of the events and beer tappings as I could find to the Events Page here.

On Saturday is The Draft Festival, a beer festival charity fundraiser for Live It Big charity incubator.  Today, tickets are going to be automatically discounted 20% when you buy 4 or more General Admission tickets, 3 or more Bottle Share or Back Room tickets, or 2 or more All Access passes to the festival.

12 beer taster tickets & all the food is included in the ticket price. There will be some really yummy stuff out there from Ninfa’s on Navigation, Antone’s, El Hidalguense, serving gorditas de puerco con nopales, gorditas de pollo con mole rojo and tacos de barbacoa de borrego, and there will be a pork butt roast! Follow HoustonBeerWeek and TheDraftFest on Twitter for updates to the beer and food!

On to the Shop Update:

For a while now, I’ve been going back and forth on my BeerSox shop landing page. I like being able to see all of the colorways, but I’ve fallen behind on photographing all of the colorways knit up, so the skein images are still there to describe the colorways.  But that’s confusing to people who are just curious as to WHAT BeerSox are when they see my stickers around town.  So it was high time to change that all up!

I could take the time to grab some BeerSox images and color balance them to create a rainbow!

From that rainbow, people can drill down to see what colorways incorporate that color!

Check out to see the new shop page!

It’s not the most elegant of shops, but it is FAR more informative than the previous versions I’ve tried making.

And this will give me ideas as to how to further update the page when I learn how to make more elegant html.




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What to do while I’m in Denver October 4, 2012

I’m in the throes of preparation for my week in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, where I’m going to have a booth!

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept my ear to the ground about all of the amazing events & releases in Houston while I’m gone (my house will be looked after in my absence).

So without further ado:

October 6, 12-4 pm: Karbachtoberfest find tickets on the Karbach Brewing website

October 8, Karbach Krunkin Pumpkin release. First large format bottle run. Limited release. Can’t wait to taste it when I get back!

October 13, 6 pm Craft Beer Quest Houston put on by Brewery Incubator which is a craft beer festival & scavenger hunt. Drink the brews, solve the clues, and discover brews! You may just win an awesome BeerSox prize!

October 15, Saint Arnold Pumpkinator Release


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September Photo Contest! August 31, 2012


I love to see your photos using your BeerSox in the Wild!

This contest runs from September 1 – September 30 (midnight Central time)

So take a photo! Post it on twitter, instagram or my facebook page and use the hashtag #PutASoxOnIt so that I can see it! If you have a private twitter account or instagram account and I’m not yet following you, I won’t be able to see it, so have a friend with a public account post it for you, or ask me to follow you! My instagram account is @cagedyarn

Don’t have a BeerSox? Check out the Store here!

This contest runs through September!  I’ll select 5 finalists & put it up for a public vote for the grand prize (a new BeerSox and lanyard!)

I may also contact you to see if I can use your photo for the product photos on the website, I’d love to have real fans representing BeerSox!




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Production is Up & Running!!!! August 1, 2012


I have great great news!

Production of BeerSox in Peru is up and running!

I traveled down to Lima, Peru this past weekend to bring down 180 skeins of yarn to my production company, Kero-Design, for a large run of BeerSox for the Great American Beer Festival in Denver in October.  I also picked up the 504 BeerSox from the first run of production!  Let me tell you, they’re awesome!


This journey has been an incredible one and I have faith that it will continue to grow and develop in ways that astound me.  This started as a pet project because I don’t like holding cold or hot glasses and has developed into this amazing business that I’m actually needing to have products made en masse!  It blows my mind!

I owe this milestone to so many people who have rallied around my products and my business helping me grow in little and big ways.  First off is the Monsters of Beer (now the Draft) and Live it Big for allowing me the opportunity to have a spot at their merch tent for the past two years.  This has grown my exposure so much and given me the opportunity to grow in my product presentation!  I have to mention the number of craft beer bars and breweries in Houston that have both allowed me to sell products at their bars, made change for me when I needed it and gave me the words of encouragement to grow my business. So here’s to you: Anvil Bar & Refuge, The Petrol Station, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Karbach Brewing Company, and BRC Gastropub!  Last, but not least, is the many people who networked with for me to eventually put me in touch with the amazing knitting company Kero Design without whom this venture would still be in the recesses of my mind and dreams.

Mariella and Eunice at Kero have gone above and beyond to help me make this venture happen.  For my first tiny order of 500, they found the hand-knitters, aided me in label making, are still helping with finding the right hand-dyeing company in Peru, and have invested their time and effort into helping my company grow & my dreams come to fruition.  For a company producing hundreds of thousands of articles each week for export, my 500 is a drop in the bucket, but they have made it happen, even meeting me on a Sunday which was a national holiday to deliver the BeerSox to me.  I am eternally grateful for their effort.

And YOU! You have been instrumental in my journey!  Thank you for your support and interest and keep it coming!  I have great plans for the next years, stick around and see where we go from here!

Head on over to the BeerSox shop to buy your favorite colors or see me at Petrol Station on Thursday, August 2 for IPA Day.  I’ll have a mini-display set up with me.



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Open The Taps – 1 Year Anniversary July 18, 2012



This Saturday, there’s a one year anniversary event at Petrol Station for a great organization, Open the Taps, which is a non-profit consumer advocacy group in Texas. I’m looking forward to it and thought that I’d ask Leslie Sprague to answer a few questions about the organization to share with y’all!

What is Open the Taps and what is the driving force behind starting it?

Open The Taps is a grassroots, non-profit consumer advocacy group for Craft Beer Consumers and voters in Texas. We started a year ago, after seeing two bills in the 2011 Texas legislature, that would have improved the craft beer landscape in Texas, fail. We realized, as consumers and voters, we needed to stand up and let our legislators know how important these issues are. Not only do the laws as they stand hurt breweries and brewpubs, but ultimately affect the consumer by limiting their choice. Not to mention that if the laws were changed, the amount of jobs and extra tax revenue the state of Texas would see is tremendous.
What resources can I access and where?

Our website, , has a great resource for elections this year, and we will be updating it afterward with committee information, bill information and anything that you need to know to contact your representatives to let them know that this issue matters to you!

We also use our social media to get the word out quickly:
twitter- @openthetaps

Who is involved in Open the Taps?

Open The Taps has members from all over the state of Texas, some from out of state and even internationally! Our sponsors are businesses that understand that changing the laws will help them as well, we have breweries from all over Texas, like No Label in Katy, Deep Ellum in Dallas, Ranger Creek in San Antonio and several others. We also have a local Houston distributor, Duff Beer Distribution, and several local businesses that share the same passion for craft beer that we do!

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in Open The Taps in several ways: Join as a member at either our base level or our special group- 100 for $100, these members help plan our agenda, get first-look at tickets and events and more benefits. If you can”t support monetarily, use your voice! Spread the word, Retweet us on twitter, share our Facebook posts, reach out to your legislators, ask your local bars and restaurants if they know about the laws, there are so many ways to spread our message and educate people.

Open the Taps board members at the first membership drive last year

What are some of the major achievements from this past year?

In the last year, we have gained 400 members, raised close to $20,000 and met with some important people in the industry to let them know that we are serious, and consumers demand a change. We have 22 corporate sponsors and look forward to adding more to that list! We have met with the TABC, a few of our legislators staffers and industry members in general in a group put together by Senator Van de Putte and the TABC to try and reach an industry consensus on what change we need and how we can satisfy everyone with one bill. We are currently working with this work-group and will keep everyone apprised of the outcome.

What is the road forward for Open the Taps?

Going forward, Open The Taps is focused on a few things: the election in November, it is crucial to elect people that are supportive of our cause so that we have a fighting chance of getting a bill approved. you can check our Election page on the website to see what district you live in, who the candidates are and if they returned our survey. Like I previously mentioned, we are working with the TABC workgroup to represent the consumer voice at the discussions about possible legislative changes to take place next year in the session. We are also always educating people, it is important that people understand why we even exist. it’s not just about beer, its about the community, creating jobs and generating revenue that is so badly needed for our state.


Thanks, Leslie!



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A Call For Support July 10, 2012

As I head towards my fundraising deadline through indiegogo (3 weeks from today!) I am also planning for GABF in October in Denver.  There are 50,000 people and brewers going through the floor every session for 3 days (two sessions on Saturday).  So that means I need at the very least 2,000 BeerSox and swag to sell if 1 out of every 100 people buys 1 each day.  I’m looking forward to it so much and I hope that it really serves as a successful national launchpad for BeerSox and The Caged Yarn.  But I have to get there first! Part of getting there is securing funding, which I am doing through both traditional and newfangled methods.

There are four ways that you can support the growth, expansion, and launch of my business.

1.  Talk about it! Blog about it! Tweet about it! Become my champion!

There is nothing more appreciated than having others help spread the word. I can talk about it all day and all night, but it’s really the fans that convert others.  Want to spread the word right here at The Caged YarnWrite a review! I may choose it to be on the home page!

2. Buy the BeerSox from the first run of production in Peru.

They’re on sale already at!

3. Support my Indiegogo Campaign

This helps to defray the costs of startup and it gets you some pretty cool swag on the way!

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VinoSox Tutorial July 9, 2012

Have you ever wondered how to get your VinoSox onto your glass with ease? Well here’s your tutorial!!!


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Knitting Course, Anyone? June 29, 2012

It’s about that time again to plan for the next knitting course! The mid to late fall is jam-packed with activity and holidays, so I’ve settled on the end of summer for the course!

Tuesdays August 14 – September 18th I’ll be teaching you how to knit and purl like the best of them!

Register through Skillshare


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BeerSox Bulk/Custom Ordering! April 27, 2012

There’s now a Shops page for BeerSox bulk and custom ordering!

It’s complete with all of the new details on pricing for wholesale!

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