2012 Recap

A recap: 2012 was a year of GROWTH! If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that the blog and website have made transitions last year, allowing for better shopping integration. I continue to revise and edit my website to make it a better user experience, but I can only do what I know… Continue reading 2012 Recap

Website redesign

I have loved my website ever since I first laid eyes on it. I love that you could scroll through a blog post while not leaving the major information links behind. But I was struggling to adapt it to e-commerce. I will eventually be moving all of my shopping over here and keeping only a… Continue reading Website redesign

Finished object: Shifting Stripes Shawl

It has been a while since I had a good finished object post. After the ramp up to the holidays and lots of deadline client knitting, I decided to take a break and knit some things that were not BeerSox. I love knitting them and seeing them find their places in the world, but I… Continue reading Finished object: Shifting Stripes Shawl

BeerSox Beer of the Week 19

When out and about, it’s normally rather difficult to find drinks that are neither alcoholic nor caffeinated. Ginger beer or even ginger ale is usually in short supply unless on an airplane. Most restaurants or bars will say that they “make” ginger ale for you: sprite with a splash of cola. That just plain disgusts… Continue reading BeerSox Beer of the Week 19

BeerSox Beer of the Week 18

Oh, I’ve been so busy! But just to get back on track with the January beer alternatives, I tried out this zero cal ginger root beer from Zevia. I was hoping it would be more like ginger beer than root beer, but I was wrong. The flavor is good, sweetened by stevia, and refreshing. Cheers!… Continue reading BeerSox Beer of the Week 18

BeerSox Beer of the Week 17

During the month of January, I’m doing a little something different. I’m giving my liver a rest and staying away from alcohol, including my beloved beer. But that just means I can focus on finding the perfect ginger brew! I have a soft spot for the spiciest of spicy ginger beers. This week’s BeerSox Ginger… Continue reading BeerSox Beer of the Week 17

BeerSox Beer of the Week 16

I have the afternoon off, so I came down to the tour at Saint Arnold! One of my favorite beer combinations is Weedwacker and Elissa IPA. I call it a BananaBoat! IPA plus a bit of banana esters from the yeast in weedwacker! Cheers, Katie