January Events & Brewery Incubator January 9, 2013


Where in the World will Katie be with BeerSox in January?

Following is the current plans, which will fill out as the month continues!

Wednesday, January 9, 5:30-7:30 pm at Brewery Incubator Bottle Share

Friday, January 11, 5-7 pm at Karbach Brewing Company Tour

Saturday, January 12, noon – 3 pm at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company Tour

Saturday, January 12, 4-8 pm I’ll be present (maybe won’t have a table set up) at Brewery Incubator for the Warlocks: Games & Beer Event Tickets Here

I may add more, so check the Events calendar for events that say “BeerSox at”

Speaking of Brewery Incubator

They are running a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for their project.

Here’s a bit more about them!

Mission: We are creating the world’s first brewery incubator to foster the development of craft breweries and industry innovation by providing a pilot facility, support network and audience accessible to all aspiring brewers.

Vision: We seek to extend the success of the Kitchen Incubator model, directly involved in the successful full launch of nearly a dozen companies in just under two years, to the brewers.

When brewers graduate to their own brewery, they will have all of the tools necessary to succeed – a built in customer base, established brand and industry connections, all the while having a great time and drinking some amazing beer.

We plan to host brewing classes, community brew days, homebrew competitions and general craft beer education outreach to the broader community.

Program Goals:

  • Create a permitted professional brewery and brewpub sales outlet for aspiring brewers
  • Provide a world class destination brewpub to the Houston, TX area (this is truly world class, as there is nothing like this concept in existence)
  • Foster innovation and creativity in the craft brewing industry by providing a low risk environment for adventurous brewing and collaboration
  • Implement entrepreneurial development programming for the craft brewing industry
  • Organize and host events to support member brewers and the local brewing community, helping to educate on craft beer and the importance of supporting local small businesses

Where we are right now:

Our brewery is located inside Kitchen Incubator at 907 Franklin St. in historic downtown. We have a brewery with a 1/2 bbl SABCO, temperature controlled fermentation room, walk-in beer cooler, and a beautiful storefront tap room with views of the downtown skyline (see Cafe Luz).

What we need to open:

A Kickstarter Campaign to help with licensing costs, tap system and additional equipment, build-out of our taps and finalize equipment set-up and licensing. Our goal is to raise at least $25k by January 25, 2013 for opening shortly after.

Community Memberships will be available through our Kickstarter. Brewers of any experience level may apply for an Aspiring Brewer Membership and experienced brewers seeking to launch a brewery or brewpub start-up may apply for a full Brewer Membership to start licensed production and selling their beer.



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2012 Recap January 8, 2013

A recap: 2012 was a year of GROWTH!

©The Caged Yarn 2012

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that the blog and website have made transitions last year, allowing for better shopping integration. I continue to revise and edit my website to make it a better user experience, but I can only do what I know how to do, which is a small amount of html and a lot of curiosity!  Next up is to really optimize and smooth out the user experience in the shop and aim for cleaner PayPal integration.

Apologies for the iPhone photos. When I’m running from sun up to the wee hours of the night, I document with the most handy of tools!


Raw Yarn Setup Dyeing Drying Drying2 Ready

Oh my, when I think about how far this has come, my head spins!

From simply having contacts in Peru (Kero Design) to finding the right raw wool yarn supplier in the US (Kraemer Yarns), dyeing my own yarn, learning export & import regulations, and starting not one, but two products.  In addition, I have a line of T-shirts, cycling jerseys, and lanyards.

Finished IKero BeerSox



Beer festivals, brewery tours, and bar nights!

GABF Booth GABF Cred GABF Awards

Since the first production run came in in August, I’ve had the opportunity to set up shop at a number of establishments around Houston as well as travel to Denver for GABF. It’s been exciting and eye-opening! Thank you, fans, for your support!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to set up shop with you! I look forward to many more afternoons and evenings with you!

Karbach2 Draft Karbach

Friends, Loved ones

  Teri Phil BeerSox Packaging2Melissa Katie

From heeding the call to Packaging Parties, to spreading the word and being my cheerleaders along the way as well as the sense of perspective.  You have helped me more than you can possibly know.  I want to give a few special shout outs.

Jen BeerSox Illustration jersey

Jennifer Mathis has done an amazing job at making so much of the graphic design in the BeerSox line become a reality. When I have an idea and I don’t know how to make it look professional, I call her, I send her my thumbnail sketches and she gets inside my head and makes a finished product that is better than I could have dreamed. She is my go-to graphic design contractor! She also has a great webcomic with her husband!

My mom deserves much recognition for treking to GABF and working tirelessfully the whole time (and she doesn’t even like beer!). I wish I had a great photo of her helping, but the best one is below when we were headed in to set up for GABF.

IMG_6011 IMG_6094  IMG_6159

My friend Holly helped me drive to Denver and worked with me the whole week of GABF and drove back to Texas with me. Seriously. That woman is a road warrior. I couldn’t have done it without her help.

James Katie BeerSox Stemware IMG_6572

James, my boyfriend, has helped me countless times to set up and break down my table at various breweries, festivals, and fairs. Plus, he deals very well with dating a woman who will, every so often, let the knitting business completely take over her house and her schedule. From a first date that involved aiding me dyeing yarn, to weekends spent setting up and breaking down the setup all around town. Thank you, forever!

Packaging Party Packaging Party BeerSox Packaging1

The Packaging Party crew! Erin, Kevin, Erin, Matt, Jen, Chris, Melissa, Holly, James, Mom, Christine, and Mike may you dream of folding and sticking and stuffing with beer and pizza and friendship.

And YOU!

None of this could have happened without your support.



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Tis the Season! December 11, 2012

Have you made your list? Checked it twice? Started shopping? Finished?

Since BeerSox, in my completely unbiased* opinion are a perfect gift for friends, relatives, and co-workers alike, I’ve been busy in my workshop packaging up BeerSox for Stemware, setting up my booth at craft shows around town, and shipping off orders to those who choose the digital route that my shopping has barely begun!

In order to make sure that you get your BeerSox before Christmas, please order before December 17th!

After December 17th, I can’t guarantee that I can package & send your order to arrive before Christmas.  I can try, but it will not be a definite.

If you live in Houston and you miss the deadline (mon Dieu!) I do have a few occasions for people to come and buy them in person!

Friday, December 14, 7 pm – midnight at Liberty Station

Saturday, December 15, noon – 3 pm at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company Tour

Thursday, December 20, 6:30-9:30 pm Houston Ladies of Craft Beer Bottle Share (email katie (at) for an invite if you’re a lady who loves craft beer and lives in Houston)

Friday, December 21, 5 – 7 pm at Karbach Brewing Company Tour

Friday, December 21, 8 – ? pm at Petrol Station for the Fin du Monde party (I probably won’t have a full setup, but find me, I’ll have them on me for all the last minute gift buyers)

Saturday, December 22, noon – 3 pm at Karbach Brewing Company Tour

I may add more, so check the Events calendar for events that say “BeerSox at”



*by unbiased, I mean completely and utterly biased because I LOVE my products!

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Happy Thanksgiving! November 22, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for this year! For family, friends, the opportunity to grow my business & share the BeerSox love with the world!


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New Shop Page & The Draft Festival November 15, 2012

This week is Houston Beer Week and I’ve added as many of the events and beer tappings as I could find to the Events Page here.

On Saturday is The Draft Festival, a beer festival charity fundraiser for Live It Big charity incubator.  Today, tickets are going to be automatically discounted 20% when you buy 4 or more General Admission tickets, 3 or more Bottle Share or Back Room tickets, or 2 or more All Access passes to the festival.

12 beer taster tickets & all the food is included in the ticket price. There will be some really yummy stuff out there from Ninfa’s on Navigation, Antone’s, El Hidalguense, serving gorditas de puerco con nopales, gorditas de pollo con mole rojo and tacos de barbacoa de borrego, and there will be a pork butt roast! Follow HoustonBeerWeek and TheDraftFest on Twitter for updates to the beer and food!

On to the Shop Update:

For a while now, I’ve been going back and forth on my BeerSox shop landing page. I like being able to see all of the colorways, but I’ve fallen behind on photographing all of the colorways knit up, so the skein images are still there to describe the colorways.  But that’s confusing to people who are just curious as to WHAT BeerSox are when they see my stickers around town.  So it was high time to change that all up!

I could take the time to grab some BeerSox images and color balance them to create a rainbow!

From that rainbow, people can drill down to see what colorways incorporate that color!

Check out to see the new shop page!

It’s not the most elegant of shops, but it is FAR more informative than the previous versions I’ve tried making.

And this will give me ideas as to how to further update the page when I learn how to make more elegant html.




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What to do while I’m in Denver October 4, 2012

I’m in the throes of preparation for my week in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, where I’m going to have a booth!

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept my ear to the ground about all of the amazing events & releases in Houston while I’m gone (my house will be looked after in my absence).

So without further ado:

October 6, 12-4 pm: Karbachtoberfest find tickets on the Karbach Brewing website

October 8, Karbach Krunkin Pumpkin release. First large format bottle run. Limited release. Can’t wait to taste it when I get back!

October 13, 6 pm Craft Beer Quest Houston put on by Brewery Incubator which is a craft beer festival & scavenger hunt. Drink the brews, solve the clues, and discover brews! You may just win an awesome BeerSox prize!

October 15, Saint Arnold Pumpkinator Release


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BeerSox Beers of the Week 25 September 24, 2012

Welcome back to BeerSox Beer of the Week!

This time it’s one of my new favorites: Alpine/New Belgium Super IPA
It’s a light amber color with a touch of haze.



Usually I find that high alcohol IPAs tend to be overly sweet & cloying to balance out the hops and alcohol. This New Belgium Super IPA maintains a lightness on the palate of a “non super IPA” while not overwhelming the hops with sweetness. There’s not a very strong alcohol taste. Very floral IPA.

VERY enjoyable.


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Introducing BeerSox Tees! September 13, 2012

Big fan of BeerSox?

Of course you are! You love the feel of the handknit woolly goodness while enjoying a tasty beverage! Who am I kidding, you want to shout it to the world.  And now you can rest your voice and let your shirt do the talking for you!

They’re available in Unisex cut in white and grey, and in Ladies cut in grey.

Check out the shop and show your love!



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September Photo Contest! August 31, 2012


I love to see your photos using your BeerSox in the Wild!

This contest runs from September 1 – September 30 (midnight Central time)

So take a photo! Post it on twitter, instagram or my facebook page and use the hashtag #PutASoxOnIt so that I can see it! If you have a private twitter account or instagram account and I’m not yet following you, I won’t be able to see it, so have a friend with a public account post it for you, or ask me to follow you! My instagram account is @cagedyarn

Don’t have a BeerSox? Check out the Store here!

This contest runs through September!  I’ll select 5 finalists & put it up for a public vote for the grand prize (a new BeerSox and lanyard!)

I may also contact you to see if I can use your photo for the product photos on the website, I’d love to have real fans representing BeerSox!




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BeerSox Tours Halifax, Nova Scotia August 8, 2012

I take an annual trip to Nova Scotia to spend time with family at the seashore. It is always such an amazing time with family & friends that I find I spend most of my limited time simply enjoying the Shore rather than the bounty that is the rest of this maritime province. Today, I had the opportunity to drive some family members to the airport in Halifax and took advantage of the time & location to take a brew tour of Halifax and explore a city that I haven’t been to in almost 15 years. I took some notes on the local brews and spread the BeerSox love throughout the city on a gorgeous, breezy, summer day.

Garrison Brewing Company

Garrison is located near the Sea port & Farmers Market on the East side of the harbourfront area of Halifax.
There’s a great little bottle shop inside, merch and a tasting bar with four taps today, but has space for more when seasonals are available. On tap today was imperial pale, tall ship amber, Irish red, and hop yard pale. I tasted the Hop Yard Pale and the Imperial Pale.

Garrison celebrated 15 years of operation this summer. I sat and chatted with the barman for a while while I took my tasting notes. He explained a bit of the brewery’s history to me. President Brian Titus was in the navy and after moving to Halifax, found a need in the beer market for quality local craft beers. They have gone through a couple of expansion iterations and may be looking to expand again in the near future. There’s a great interview on the twitters if you follow @garrisonbrewing

They have a growler program which is something that I noticed around at a number of locations around town.



Beer details can be found here

Hop Yard Pale Ale:

Dry hopped west coast pale
Light amber color
Funky hops nose with a touch of vanilla
Citrus finish
A little butterscotch
Fresh taste & good session ale

Imperial Pale Ale:

Amber color
Good nose, sweeter than the hop yard
Taste is a bit on the bitter hops side on the finish
More refined but still has an edge. Not overwhelmingly malty & sweet, so it’s still refreshing for an imperial.

Some interesting beers to look for: fog burner barley wine, & Baltic porter. Wish I could have tried the 15th anniversary beer.

Alexander Keith’s Brewery (flash website)




Kitschy tour, but great maritime singing performances once you buy in.
I cut my craft beer teeth on this beer, so it holds much sentimental value, but tastes just a step up from macro.

Rockbottom Brewpub


Downstairs establishment. Undergoing renovation. Growler program.
Great staff!

I had a sampler of their ales:
Deadwood wheat: funky wheat barnyard nose, slightly citrus
Jacktar stout: nice coffee nose. Slightly weak on the palate
Fathom ipa: the nose makes me happy hoppy! Another west coast ipa. Very floral & citrus almost with very forward hops taste. But smooth with a bit of sweetness in the finish.
Big water brown: nutty & roasted, but feeling a bit meh about it.
Mangled: ipa refermented with mango. Interesting. Wonder if it’s an answer to the garrison mango & ginger 15th anniversary, or at least inspired by it. Not a big mango fan, so it’s just a novelty.
Hawser weizen: German style hefe. Banana esters are evident in this one.

I decided the taster of IPA was the one to finish at this location before I moved on.

Rogue’s Roost

Swashbuckling microbrewery & pub with a growler program. Definitely smell the brewing. And the seafood.



Again, I went for a sampler:
Red ale: tastes of raspberry slightly. Very sweet. Not much body.
Ipa: session ipa. Not too special.
Brown ale: nutty. Brown ale. You can’t really make a surprising brown ale, can you?
Cream ale: like making love in a canoe
Hefe seasonal: banana esters. Bit more hoppy than most hefes which is nice. Makes this stop worth it. Really wish they had the raspberry wheat! If it’s taken from close to the same recipe, it’ll be a refreshing summer beverage!

The hefe ended up being the only one I finished at this location.

And I stopped in to The Loop to peruse the local yarn fare!


Hart & Thistle




On the harbor front. More touristy.
They were out of their in-house brews, so I tried a Granite Brewing Peculiar, and the Propeller IPA. The Peculiar is not quite my taste, something sweet in it is throwing my taste buds off-kilter. The IPA is a good IPA. Nothing shocking. Nothing too hard core, but a good, solid, thoroughly enjoyable IPA.

And thus ends the Halifax BeerSox beer tour.


PS In the spirit of responsible tasting, I left many a glass more than half full throughout my day, tasting enough to form an opinion before moving on.

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