Referral System is starting!

I know you, you superfan!

You have my cards.

You give them to people who think that your BeerSox is cool.

But I have no way of accurately tracking who refers new customers.

So I’ve decided that you get awesome cards specialized with your own coupon code up to 8 letters!

Referral Cards memo

This coupon code isn’t just for card referrals, but for your website, for anywhere.

It gets the referee 15% off their purchase

And you get to reap some rewards, too!

First 10 BeerSox sold from referrals = 1 BeerSox teeshirt for you

Each additional 10 BeerSox sold from referrals = 1 BeerSox for you

It works for you, it works for me! I’ll be keeping track each time an order comes in with your coupon code!

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