Feature Article!

This past Saturday, yours truly had the honor of being on the front page of the Houston Chronicle Business Section!!!!!!!

This was an honor. A true honor to be recognized in this way. I honestly never saw myself as being front page news. But it’s made me realize just how far this has come!

Here’s a link to Ronnie Crocker’s blog post about the article.  It also has a link to the full article in it.

How awesome is that?!

In response to the traffic I’ve gotten since then, I’m testing out a couple of new shop applications to try to get things to run a bit smoother up in here. I fear that the traffic has pointed out some bottlenecks on your end and would prefer a much smoother buyer experience.

This may mean that I begin hosting my shop outside of wordpress and my website.

Look out for an update on where I’ll be around town in March and a couple of dates to look forward to in April!




    1. Thanks, Alicia! It happened so quickly! Within a week, I was on the front page! I didn’t have enough time to ramp up my blog for the feature, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes!

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