A Call For Support

As I head towards my fundraising deadline through indiegogo (3 weeks from today!) I am also planning for GABF in October in Denver.  There are 50,000 people and brewers going through the floor every session for 3 days (two sessions on Saturday).  So that means I need at the very least 2,000 BeerSox and swag to sell if 1 out of every 100 people buys 1 each day.  I’m looking forward to it so much and I hope that it really serves as a successful national launchpad for BeerSox and The Caged Yarn.  But I have to get there first! Part of getting there is securing funding, which I am doing through both traditional and newfangled methods.

There are four ways that you can support the growth, expansion, and launch of my business.

1.  Talk about it! Blog about it! Tweet about it! Become my champion!

There is nothing more appreciated than having others help spread the word. I can talk about it all day and all night, but it’s really the fans that convert others.  Want to spread the word right here at The Caged YarnWrite a review! I may choose it to be on the home page!

2. Buy the BeerSox from the first run of production in Peru.

They’re on sale already at BeerSox.com!

3. Support my Indiegogo Campaign

This helps to defray the costs of startup and it gets you some pretty cool swag on the way!

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