So my nephew turned 4 this past weekend & I spent the whole Easter weekend with my brothers, sisters and parents knitting this lovely pachyderm which I edited to fit fingering weight yarn and to be mostly knit in the round.

The knitting pattern is from Woman’s Day and it’s free!




The crown was a last minute affair. I was staying at my parents’ house, so I didm’t have access to my yarn & fabric stash where I had yellow trimmings. I knew just what series of picot triangles needed to be made to knit the crown, so I knit it in the same Madeline Tosh Sock yarn in Tern (I believe) that I used for the rest of Babar. My original plan was to dye the crown over with yellow food coloring, but it came out too muddy. I ended up bleaching it, then dyeing it with food coloring, since it was small & would most likely never really be washed.

Sure, he’s a bit lopsided, but so am I. And sure, his crown is set a-kilter, but I think any modern-day Babar would be.

Good points to the short adoption by my nephew is first introducing him to the Babar books, then taking him to the zoo to see live elephants the next day and talking about them for the next couple days before he got my hand-knit plush toy. Indoctrination is 3/4 of toy appreciation. Plus, he kept “discovering” the partially made parts throughout the weekend and playing with the parts excitedly each time. Ie playing with a partially stuffed torso with no head, arms, or legs at times.

He’s a pretty special 4 year old.

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