Jerseys are in!

Firstly, I haven’t had as much time to devote to editing the code for ecommerce so that it works properly, yet, so please refer to the Shops section for your ordering needs! If you are a WP E-Commerce whiz and don’t mind giving me pointers, check it out and send me a note on what I should be looking for in editing the code.

If you want one of the lovely BeerSox jerseys, which come in both men’s and women’s cuts, please use the contact me form and tell me what size you want and how many BeerSox you have and/or order some at I will email you with how much you owe and send a PayPal invoice.


Aren’t they just awesome?
The front has a 3/4 hidden zipper on both men’s and women’s style, for maximum ventilation.
The makeup is 100% polyester which is woven for wicking. I’ll be wearing mine this weekend at my training ride & the Tour de Houston!

Sizes can be found here Size Charts

Jerseys are $40 (which is at cost)
For each BeerSox you have bought or order at the same time as your jersey, you get $10 off the price of the jersey up to 4 BeerSox.

So say you own two BeerSox & you order two BeerSox & a jersey? You pay only for the BeerSox.
Don’t own any BeerSox, but you order 2? $20 for the jersey and $20 each for the BeerSox.

I currently have:
Men’s: (2) M, (1) L, (1 maybe) XL
Women’s: (1) S, (1) M, (1) L, (1) XL

If there’s high demand, I can order more, just need at least 5 orders.

Cheers! Katie

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