Website redesign

I have loved my website ever since I first laid eyes on it. I love that you could scroll through a blog post while not leaving the major information links behind. But I was struggling to adapt it to e-commerce. I will eventually be moving all of my shopping over here and keeping only a few of my shawls on etsy.

So I came to a breaking point and wanted something new. Now!

I have done a very small amount of HTML adapting, but had never adapted or even installed a WordPress theme! I started reading up on child themes and found this great theme that is rather easily customizable in the WordPress desktop. It seemed to do what I need it to do and interfaces well with WP e-commerce.

There are still some details I want to fix and some idiosyncrasies to inevitably discover, but right now, I’m tickled pink!

If you’re reading on RSS, here’s a screenshot of the landing page!


Many thanks to Tracy Tesmer for all of her hard work on my logos and the previous incarnation of the caged yarn as well as the two photos for blog & contacts which she took a few years ago and still inspire me every day. Also, thanks to Jen Mathis for cleaning up the naked beer drawing and making it so pop-sizzle for the cycling jerseys that are now for pre-order!


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