BeerSox Beer of the Week 19

When out and about, it’s normally rather difficult to find drinks that are neither alcoholic nor caffeinated. Ginger beer or even ginger ale is usually in short supply unless on an airplane. Most restaurants or bars will say that they “make” ginger ale for you: sprite with a splash of cola. That just plain disgusts me.

Then there are the classic cocktail bars. They are a thing unto themselves. I have found that they often actually make their own ginger brews! These brews are not for the weak of palate and pack a sharp ginger kick in the mouth. A fantastic tonic that heals all the wrongs of the world. Or at least in my opinion, it does.

It gave me respite while meeting up with the Houston Ladies of Craft Beer last Thursday evening. While still pining for a hoppy beer, I found the ginger beer at Downhouse to be quite the thing I needed.



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