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For a long time, I’ve been selling my knits completely unlabeled. I had ideas of how to label and tested a few theories. When it came down to it, I just worried I’d end up with something I didn’t like.

First round was ordering ribbon with my caged yarn logo and name printed and spaced so I could sew it onto BeerSox.


But I chose a ribbon that frayed horribly. So now I have extra ribbon lying around.

Then I went on to test my washer theory. I just bought some washers from the hardware store and priced getting them laser cut online. Way over budget, and impractical (as cool as I thought it would be).

On to Plan C. Finding a company to weave labels for me. I wanted one tiny one for my BeerSox and one larger one for my Shawls and other items. I made my mockups, decided on dimensions and perused the interwebs.

The first company I went with was very responsive, we worked together to make sure the design could be woven, and then stuff started falling apart. They needed to edit the design to be able to weave it, they still couldn’t weave it. They needed to print it. I requested printing on damask rather than satin. They printed them up and sent me a photo of the samples.

They used satin ribbon. They also used the heavily edited design rather than the original design.

This is when I started to complain on twitter. And a rep for Sienna Pacific tweeted at me, said they did HD woven labels and where to send my artwork.

I got amazing service.
1. Each design confirmation was with an actual woven label
2. I was able to ask for edits after the woven label proof was sent.
3. They worked with me and the dimensions I desired.
4. My finished product looks amazing!




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