BeerSox Beer of the Week 11

It happens to be Houston Beer Week.

This is momentous in various categories:
A) I got to have a booth at Monsters of Beer. A great beer fest that donates all procedes to Live It Big. Great beer+great charity+opportunity for sales=happy Katie
B) I sold a good amount of preorders for BeerSox! (I love my beersox fans!)
C) I misjudged a couple who ‘helped’ me pack up my unsold shawls after the event. And then didn’t come to dinner with me and my companion nor get in touch with me in the past few days. Let’s just say that I’m disappointed I trusted them and more disappointed that they have betrayed my trust. UPDATE: All is well in the saga of the missing shawls. I was able to find the couple and they are sending the shawls to me. It was a matter of miscommunication and my own scatterbrainedness.

But, the real reason for this post is to give you the BeerSox Beer of the Week. Which has to be the growler of Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Wild. Which I’m enjoying this evening.


It’s warm and inviting. Fresh and not too heavy. Spiced, but not overly. A tish of citrus. Caramel in color with a touch in the taste (I know, not what I’m liking recently). But it all tastes balanced enough to be good for both the heat of a Texas Autumn and for those in colder climates wanting to curl up to comfort.


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