And the wedding jacket.

So I swatched the lace with the yarn and needles I was using for the wedding jacket and I knit along.


And I measured Jehnna and I knit along.


And it was lace, so even though it looked a bit smaller than projected, I figured it needed a good blocking and it would all be good.


And then I put it on a hanger.



And I deflated. This is a 4 year old’s sweater. It is tiny. It is far too tiny. I may not be able to salvage it. I will rip out the arms. I will rip out the border and continue knitting for a while and then I will find the right place to put the arms. But not now.

Sometimes you simply make an error in perception. You want it to be right so you ignore those thoughts that it might be wrong.

And you learn to do it differently the next time.

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