I opened a swag store on cafepress this week.

Since I will be attending the Great American Beer Festival or GABF on Thursday in Denver before jumping fully into wedding mode in Boulder, I decided I needed a shirt to wear that spread the BeerSox love. I really came late to the ball, so it’s simple. You know the beer graphic I have with all of my BeerSox Beer of the Week posts? Well, I decided that would be my main graphic. I hand drew it and then used gimp to edit it and colorize it. I haven’t yet honed my drawing skills to be able to portray the knit texture of the BeerSox quite yet. That will be another day. So anyways, this is the graphic on the front of the shirts and bags I have available over at my cafepress store:

I think the next version will have a beer with a BeerSox on it and the tag line “Put a Sox on it”, but we’ll see.

If you want some naked beer swag, you can order from my Merch store

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