Knitting Course

Through all of the years I’ve knit, the most common question I receive is, “Can you teach me?”

Well, no, I lied, it’s a close second to “My grandmother/mother taught me to knit/crochet when I was a kid.”. Which is in turn followed by asking if I taught people refresher courses.

I’ve sat down with friends a few weeks in a row to go over basics and teach them in coffee and teahouses. I have always enjoyed teaching. And what can be better than to share a craft that brings me joy?

And so I’m jumping in. The details aren’t fully fleshed out, but I’ve decided on a timeframe and a basic outline that I think should be able to get everyone from beginner/no knowledge through to early to advanced intermediate in 6 weeks. It’s sortof a knitting bootcamp.

I venture to make this a fun and relaxed way to learn to knit. I am still searching for the right place to host the course. I’d like the course to be open to BYOB because I feel like a beverage or two can sometimes ease the intimidation of learning something new. However, we are learning a new skill that requires some dexterity so keep that in mind.

Dates: Tuesdays, November 8 – December 13
Times: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
1.5 hours of learning and half an hour of free knitting and chatting

I will provide:
1 pair of straight needles and 100-150 yards of yarn for the first four weeks of the course
1 “pair” of circular needles and 100-150 yards of yarn for the last two weeks of the course
1 pattern for BeerSox

6 weeks of instruction:
-overview of materials and how to interpret a ball band
-techniques to wind yarn
-casting on
-knit stitch
-purl stitch
-switching from knit to purl, vice versa
-nomenclature for most common patterns
-slip stitch
-decrease stitches
-increase stitches
-knitting in the round
-how to read a pattern

I will be keeping the course cost between $50 and $70 depending on materials and location fees, if any.

Location will most likely be in the heights, midtown, montrose, or museum district area of Houston.

If you’d be interested in this, leave a comment so I can make sure to keep it in mind as I look for a proper place to hold it.


    1. I’m currently sussing out the right location for the course, but I think it may be possible to hold it at my home, since I should be free of house guests by November.

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