BeerSox Beer of the Week: Boulder Edition 1

At long last, I will blog last Saturday’s beerventure to Boulder.

I was fortunate enough to grab a ride to Boulder with a new friend so I didn’t have to worry as much about bus schedules and where to keep my bags.
The ride was beautiful!


Firsr stop was Dot’s Diner for some breakfast before heading to check out the home brew store, Hop to It! Which was lovely to see all the grains!


I was accompanied by an adorable chihuaua mini pin mix. He was obsessed with my yarn and tended to root it out when he smelled it.


Isn’t Barley adorable?

So, moving onward, we stopped by Boulder Beer Company and admired the hops while enjoying the Mojo IPA and Mojo Rising DIPA and letting Barley run around a bit. I also got to knit a bit, something that I haven’t been doing as much as I need to.




I had to meet up with the guitarist for my brother’s wedding on the 1st, so we took a small break from the beer drinking to go rehearse the song. I think that’s going to go well!

Avery Brewing Company was right around the corner and I was quite excited to get to go to the brewery!
I decided that a flight of tasters was in order.



Left to right:
Ellie’s Brown Ale
Out of Bounds Stout
Dry Hopped IPA
Freckles Saison
Eighteen Anniversary (dry hopped rye saison)
Eremita (sour)

Eremita was quite tasty. As with all sours I’ve tried, it takes a bit to get used to drinking it. Sour at the front, but blooming to a lovely round flavor.

My favorite of the bunch was the Eighteen Anniversary which was a lovely dry hopped rye saison. What can I say? The rye has really taken a hold on my palate. And saison has this lovely blend of spice, hops, sweetness and fun.

After all that beer, we needed some fresh air, and I wanted to preview the wedding site. So off to Chautauqua park to see the Flatirons up close, but not too close for this lowlander. I didn’t want to push myself too hard and get altitude sickness.




And that brings us through to the end of my trip! I was seen off by a rainbow as we got closer to the airport.



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