BeerSox Beer of the Week 1

Ahh, at the end of a long work week (well, not thaaaat long, it started in Mexico and was effectively 3 days long), it’s nice to celebrate with a crisp, refreshing beer.

This is a bit later than it will usually be, but each Friday, I plan on featuring the BeerSox Beer of the Week. I realize that some weeks, I may not try a new beer to share with you, so I invite you to email me your own reviews and/or introductions. The only caveat being that your entry must include a photo of said beer with your BeerSox on it. When I need a post, I will update with guest entries!

So, on to today yesterday’s BeerSox Beer of the Week:

Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower



It was one of the first Saint Arnold beers that I tried and it began what has come to be a love of that great local brewery and their beers. Fancy Lawnmower is a german style kolsh (I need to figure out the umlaut(sp?)). Nice, light, refreshing, but still with great flavor. It came about because the owner had always kept a cruddy macrobrew in his fridge for after he miwed his lawn, his ‘lawnmower beer’, but eventually realized that there’s no reason to drink cruddy beer when he could make a great beer that’s still refreshing. Hence FANCY lawnmower beer.


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