Now that was a long weekend!

To all those who came by my booth at THE FIND on Saturday, Thank You!

It was  a whirlwind of a time, but the weather was fantastic, I finished the shawl I’d been working on, and I made a few pre-sales.  For a first craft booth and so little prep time, I think I did pretty well.

Here are a few photos of how the booth finished up looking and the market:

Samples, samples, samples, and my signature yarn cage!

The receipt dress got to be there in all her glory wearing my Seed Stitch Button Cowl

That rumpled piece of knitting ended up being a full fledged shawl by the end of the day.

My neighbor booths.  The screenprinter in the foreground is Izabella of  fifiduvie we were buddies all day.  She is a total sweetheart!

In the afternoon, came the sun.  It was a bit chilly earlier in the day on the shady side.  You can see my brother at the bar in the plaid shirt!

So that was my Saturday from 6 am until 6:30 pm.  My brother bought me a giant frozen Mojito at the end of it.  Let me tell you, it was tasty!  But it made the 60th birthday dinner followed by a drive out to Sugar Land for another friend’s graduation party that night a little difficult.

Sunday was pretty jam packed.  I started on one of the preordered BeerSox in Olive, which was a quick knit after working on shawls for so long.  My Prism BeerSox got to have some adventures as well.  I went to Houston’s Dr. Sketchy which is usually every second Sunday of the month at Avant Garden.  It’s figure drawing with a twist.  We’ve got tunes.  And booze.  And burlesque.  Well, sometimes burlesque, sometimes just a twinge more sexy than your average figure drawing course.  Sometimes, there are a lot of friends just hanging out in the background, sometimes it’s all sketch artists and other than the music, you could hear a pin drop.  I’ve been going every couple months for the past three years.  It’s good to stretch my sketching muscles.  Though, mostly, I just chat and knit.  And sometimes I pose.  Next month, I’m the model!  The last time I modeled for it was back in October and December 2009.  We might be able to get a crafters discount working this time for those of you who are fellow crafters and want to stretch your sketch muscles!

the trifecta!

The Prism BeerSox also got to hug a homebrew at my friends’ moving out Reverse Housewarming Party.  They labeled everything that they wanted to sell and had a party.  Guests got to make a pile of what they wanted and Square came to the rescue when it was time to leave and pay.  But while I was there, it was great to sit and chat with friends that I haven’t seen in a while and enjoy some homebrew!

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