Hi there!

This week I’ve had so much excitement in the realm of the caged yarn!

First and foremost is the final settling on my icon and business cards and this coming soon page. Tracy and I have been working on and off on developing this, but I never had a real driving need to change over all at once from Knits by Katie/nadnuk to the caged yarn.

But this week? This week came fast. After working really really hard to finish my friend Ashley’s baby shower presents, I worked hard to finish up my backlog of BeerSox. Almost the moment that I finished weaving in the ends of the last BeerSox and had decided to spend a tiny bit of time on my Afghan, I received an etsy mail. I was invited to participate in a curated fashion market here in Houston. I was flattered, floored, and accepted. I then quickly realized that I have no stock. No inventory aside from on Shifting Stripes Shawl.

The fashion market I’m showing at is THE FIND Houston.

So what did I do? I contacted as many friends and family who had original designs of mine that I liked and went with my current aesthetic to send me and/or let me borrow their items for samples. And I got to work on kicking both me and Tracy into high gear on developing the brand so that this exposure could be the first and major introduction of my new and solidly knitting-based platform.

I also kicked into high gear on a third shifting stripes shawl in a colorway unlike any of the others I have in stock. It is sadly not finished. I have about 7 rows left and need to get at least a little sleep tonight.

I have figured out my booth setup.
I have made labels.
I have business cards.
I have a puny sign.
I have sample yarns for BeerSox.
I have sample knits to aid in presales.
I have one gorgeous shawl that I will hopefully sell.
I have water.
I have square.
I have receipts.
I have 5’s for change.
I need to make my email subscription sign up list!
I need to take a shower!
I need to figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow!
I need to pack all of this up!

But it will go splendidly. It’s a very exciting prospect, my first show (aside from a tiny BeerSox seat at Monsters of Beer in November). I *think* I have all that I need right now. I’ll go back over the suggestion list one more time, just to make sure, though.

I will leave you with some photos of the planning stages:

take your pick!

Ella Blanket

Jehnna Shawl

so that's what you do with room dividers that don't divide rooms!

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